Zptropin HGH 160IU kit wholesale


Zptropin HGH 160IU kit wholesale price

Zptropin (recombinant human growth hormone – rHGH) is a human growth hormone identical to the endogenous form of HGH produced in the pituitary gland (molecular weight 22,125).

Zptropin (rHGH) is a sterile, white, freeze-dried powder for subcutaneous or intramuscular injections after dissolving in sterile water.

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Zptropin HGH 160IU kit effects

  • muscle cell growth;
  • muscle cell division;
  • increase in bone density;
  • enhancement of internal organs (due to the appearance of new cells);
  • metabolism acceleration;
  • improved lipid metabolism;
  • rejuvenation;
  • fat loss;

connective tissue improvement (joints, ligaments, etc.) by increasing the collagen synthesis.

Zptropin HGH 160IU kit How to use

The most common dose to start with is 3 to 4 IU per day, that is gradually increased to the calculated dose depending on the athlete’s goal.

For example, 5 IU daily is sufficient for recovery after injuries and for a slight improvement of athletic performance (fat burning combined with improvement of muscle growth).

zptropin 160iu hgh
zptropin 160iu hgh

For more impressive results, 8-10 IU are required, but this dosage should be reached gradually, increasing the daily dose by 1-2 IU every 4th or even 5th day depending on your health condition.

Professional athletes can even take 20-30 IU per day.


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