TB 500 peptides x5 vials


TB 500 peptides x5 vials

TB 500 is a synthetic peptide of a protein that all humans have in their bodies. The natural protein occurs in cells and is called Thymosin Beta 4. This protein may have healing properties.

The TB 500 peptide was discovered in a lab in the 1960s. It was first used for horses to prevent adhesions from forming.

TB 500 can help speed up injury recovery. Some injuries and wounds could take several months or longer to heal on their own. The TB 500 peptide can reduce that time.



TB 500 peptides x5 vials

TB 500 has other benefits as well. It can increase hair growth and even improve your endurance. Some people prefer to use TB 500 for these reasons alone.

TB 500 peptides x5 vials
TB 500 peptides x5 vials

TB 500 peptides 5 mg benefits

Other people find that TB 500 peptides benefits them when they get injured. It has healing properties that reduce inflammation, thereby decreasing pain. Many people have chronic inflammation from illnesses and seek a healthy treatment option.

Some have noted that they get more strength when using TB 500 because it increases muscle growth. As we get older, we lose muscle. That means we become weaker, so a natural way to stay strong through the use of TB 500.

TB 500 can also be used to treat blood clots and reducing the effects of Lyme disease. Some have seen improvements in autoimmune conditions that don’t respond to other treatments.


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