Hutrope 100IU HGH wholesale


Hutrope 100IU HGH wholesale price

HGH is directly in liquid form.

The package contains 2 vials of 5 ml each. Each vial contains 50 IU GH.

Main ingredient: somatropin.

Buffer: sodium phosphate, glycine, phenol.

Also in each box there is an instruction to the drug.

Before using any growth hormone, we strongly recommend that you consult a doctor before that and pass the necessary tests.

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Hutrope 100IU HGH

Hutrope 100IU HGH wholesale
Hutrope 100IU HGH wholesale

You definitely can not administer growth hormone if you have:

  • diabetes;
  • Prader-Willi syndrome;
  • heart problems (or if there was an operation on the heart);
  • active tumors (the tumor must be removed from the body before starting a course of growth hormone).


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